I am a very small webhost in Memphis, TN. I offer one simple hosting option, and personal service. I'll give you all the help you need to create a great site.
My hosting package:
50MB space
Subdomains, Domain Parking
CGI access
Free Setup
installable scripting - Shopping carts, Forums, all available.
unmetered bandwidth
unlimited email addresses, aliases, forwarding
Mailing list
CPanel Control Panel
all for $5.00 a month
This package is set up for fairly light bandwidth usage. No Illegal Stuff and no big file farms allowed. I reserve the right to limit bandwidth if you are using too much - Hence the term unmetered rather than unlimited.
Pretty simple, huh?
SPECIAL OFFER! free year of hosting and domain for your freeipods.com referral!
EMail me to sign up, ask questions, tell crude jokes, etc. All money transacted via PayPal.
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